From Copper Coyote to Be Gutsy Jewelry

Hey everyone! 

First and foremost, thank you for checking out the website! If you've followed this little business's story, you'll know that we began in South Dakota as Copper Coyote Jewelry, or CCJ as I liked to call it. CCJ was created after a relocation to Hot Springs, SD where I enjoyed learning the in's and out's of operating a small business. CCJ specialized in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that were posted every week day. Many of the pieces sold within minutes, and the support from the wonderful customers was overwhelming. Each and every penny earned by CCJ went directly back into the business and essentially funded what has morphed into Be Gutsy Jewelry. So, how did we get here?

After having our fill of fun and adventure in South Dakota, it was time to return home. Friends, the farm, and a loss in the family fueled a move back to our home in central Missouri. Although sad to leave South Dakota, we knew our time had come to return to our roots in Missouri and be with those who needed us. Eager to get the business up and running again, I racked my brain for how to continue Copper Coyote from Missouri. A gut feeling kept me from picking up where we had left off, and I felt lost for weeks. Each and every visit to the website or the social media pages felt wrong. The business had been built in South Dakota, and unfortunately at the time that's where it had stayed. I no longer had buffalo to photograph, or cute prairie dogs to chase. So with a pen in a my hand and a blank page, I sat down and wrote everything I could think of about my jewelry. 

I asked myself, "Who do I make jewelry for?", "What stories do I want to tell?", and "What kind of pieces am I most interested in making?". 

As if a lightbulb had went off in my mind, I realized that the structure for my business had been there all along. Towards the end of CCJ, I had explored the motto "Be Gutsy". Something that had struck me randomly as a reminder to be brave, strong, and to never stop fighting. I make jewelry for strong women. The stories I shared before were personal, and freeing, but I've never cared much for talking about myself. I wanted to talk about other people, and share stories of incredible women who probably feel the same way, and therefore are never heard. I want to create intricate pieces made of silver, copper, and brass. With stones so unique and precious that the pieces are impossible to duplicate. Jewelry with beautiful shiny labradorite, and intense turquoise, with simple, intricate, and crazy designs. 

With a burst of motivation and an idea, Be Gutsy Jewelry was born. I spent the months of February 2020-July 2020 creating, creating, and then creating some more. I worked tirelessly on my website, spent every extra penny on stones, silver, and tools. I stayed up late, got up early, and continued this dream while juggling a full time job. I decided on creating collections of pieces, where I enjoyed researching and writing about incredible, gutsy women. Although I feel that I'm still not ready to send this out into the world, I know that I have stories to share, experiences to feel, and tales to listen to in the future of this business, and there's only one way to get this show on the road. 

So here is Be Gutsy Jewelry from Copper Coyote. Here I hope to write about incredible women, to experience the strength and determination of individuals, and to share true stories above all else. Thank you x100 for taking an interest in this venture of mine and for all of your support in following along on this journey.  


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