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All of the jewelry on this website is handcrafted by a one-woman silversmith who believes quality jewelry shouldn't be outrageously priced. Each piece is crafted entirely of genuine sterling silver, genuine turquoise, with the best prices we can offer. We hope you find something you love!


Where'd we get the name?

Be Gutsy Jewelry came from a personal reminder to chase what matters most. In the age of social media, we're all fighting a hard-earned battle to go after what we love without constantly comparing ourselves to others. The name behind the business reminds me daily to go after what's most important to me; the opportunity to share my creativity and craftsmanship with others who love and value quality western jewelry.

Gutsy means not to shrink, not to lessen your voice. To be big, bold, creative, daring, and to chase what matters most to you without the comparison to others. The literal definition of gutsy is showing courage, determination, and spirit. We couldn't think of something more fitting to remind folks every day.

My hope is that each customer has a small reminder either around their neck or on their finger to never stop chasing what means the most to them.