About the Artist

I grew up in a little log cabin nestled in a central Missouri creek valley where you'd likely find me barefoot and wild on my favorite pony, Jack Frost. From a young age I watched my father, a farrier and blacksmith, craft and build works of art using flame and a keen attention to detail. I spent many summers riding with him from farm to farm, and loved to watch him work and craft, not to mention all of the great horses and people I had the pleasure of meeting. 

In my teen years our family ran a small foundry where we crafted livestock brands poured from bronze. As a family, we worked tirelessly to design, create, and craft these special brands that shipped all over the U.S. During that period, I quickly learned the time, care, and effort it takes to build a small business, and was thankful to be a part of something so many folks like us appreciated. 

A few years later while pursuing a business degree, I decided to break up my book-filled class schedule with something I truly loved, crafting with my hands. I signed up for an Intro to Jewelry Making class, although it had nothing to do with my chosen degree, and fell madly in love with it from day one. I spent every extra minute on campus in the jewelry studio and went so far as to pitch a business idea in my Entrepreneurship class to operate a silversmithing business featuring livestock brands! What better way to combine my passion with our family's previous expertise. 

Five years later and that pitch is now my full-time business. With the same care and effort poured into the branding shop, I know what it means for folks to trust me with their hard-earned money and take pride in the work I craft, always. This work isn't just a job, it's a full-time passion. 

If I'm not in my jewelry studio, you can find me participating in our family's sport, Cowboy Mounted Shooting on my favorite horse Diesel. If I'm not shooting, I'm spending time outside, still a bit barefoot and wild in the warm Missouri summers, attending local truck & tractor pulls, or with my other love, live music!

There isn't a single day that I'm not incredibly thankful for the work I've been blessed to craft, and the customers and friends who have shown me so much kindness and support over the years. This little business is something I will always be the most thankful for, and if you're reading this, I'm thankful for you too.

With Lots of Love, 
Smith the Silversmith